Saturday, July 23, 2011

Plate Wall Progress

My plate wall is 83.3% done.  10 of the 12 plates are hung and look great.  I would be completely done but I am having issues with two of the plates.  I opted to use adhesive eye hook thingys instead of those ugly wire hanger thingys and they didn't stick to two of the plates very well.  The good  news is I thought that this might happen (since when I do a project anything that can go wrong often does) so when I hung them up I put soft blankets and pillows on the floor should any of them fall of and of course two did.  I think one fell off and took the other one down with it.  I am glad they didn't break eachother.  Anyhoo I have to work this evening so tomorrow morning I am off to buy more adhesive thingys and give it the old college try one more time.  If that doesn't work then it'll be time to move on to plan b.

Here are some interesting plate walls from around the web to hold you over until you see mine:)

I included this one because it has an old fire king dish that I actually have.  The white one with gold trim to the right of the "J".  I didn't include mine in my plate wall....should I have?

I like the contrast of the black and whiteplates and the rest of the colour...but my plates are colorful!

Pretty, I like the yellow plate.  I need to find one for my wall.

I'd like to know what the writing on the plate says.

I don't love this one.  Too new.  I only included it because I have a blue version of the bird plates on my wall(my only non-vintage plate).

I like this one.

I'm a little envious of this one.  I like the ship, turtle and peacock plates a lot!

I like the cow plate.  The table cloth would probably make me dizzy!

The thing I like about this little project is that it can be on going.  I find a plate, I like it, I add to my wall.  Easy peasy!

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